How to Make Your First Video

Videos are easy to create. You just need to find a video camcorder and follow our set-up tips.

Keep Your Video Under 2 Minutes

Longer is not better! Most people lose interest in a video after 90 seconds. Please help maintain the quality of videos by keeping your video less than 2 minutes in length!

Simple is Best For Online Videos

Don't try to make your video perfect. We want something that is real - something about "you" - not some slick highly-polished production. If you wanna clean up your apartment, fine. But don't spend money on professional video services. Just find a camcorder.

You Should Appear in the Video: Girls need to see you, not someone else. This means the video camera needs to pointed at you, not pointing at someone else.

No Licensed Music: Unfortunately, it is illegal to include songs in your video. Your video will get deleted and all your work in making the video will be wasted.

Avoid Shaking: Keep the camcorder from shaking. You do not want a friend to hold the camcorder in his hands. Place your camcorder on a stable surface, table, or dresser, 6-8 feet away from you. Set it down on a stable surface. Pile books under the camcorder until the camcorder points at you at the correct height. Pull off a long piece of tape to keep the camcorder from moving or tipping over, if needed.

No Zooms: You can move all you want, but do not use the camcorder's zoom or special effects features because they are distracting. Press record and leave the camera's function keys alone until you are done. If someone operates the camera for you, tell them not to use zooms.

Length: Keep your video less than two minutes long. Otherwise, people get bored and won't watch it. It is always better to make multiple short videos, instead of one long video!

Setting Up

  • The more light, the better: Turn on every light in the room. Replace light bulbs with 100 watt bulbs. Most indoor rooms offer less light than outdoor spots. If you make your video indoors, choose a time of day when the most sunlight comes in a room. Open the curtains.

  • Avoid Background Noise: Turn off your TV. Otherwise, if ESPN is on the TV, people will not be able to hear you speak. People want to hear your voice, not the sound from the TV. If you make your video outdoors, choose a spot where cars do not drive nearby.

  • The Right Spot: "The sun" or a light should be shining on the front of your body, not on your back. Do not sit in front of a window or any other bright light source that leaves your face silhouetted and dark.

  • Wait 3 seconds: Your camcorder needs time to startup. After you press record, wait 3 seconds before you start speaking. There is no reason to hurry!

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