Choosing a Video Camcorder

Best Formats

Choose a camcorder that records video footage onto:

  • DVDs (CDs usually cannot hold enough video footage. Please try to use a DVD disc.)

  • miniDV cassette tapes (preferred)

Bad Formats

These are not digital:

  • VHS tapes

  • Compact VHS (VHS-C)

  • 8MM or Hi-8 tapes

If your camcorder records onto these formats, please find a way to burn the footage to a DVD first.

Burn Other Formats To DVD First

Some digital (still) cameras can record short videos. If you use this type, simply create your video in parts and burn all the parts onto a DVD.

If your camcorder records onto a memory drive, burn the footage to a DVD.

If you can record your video bio with cell phone, create your video bio in parts email the videos to:

If You Do Not Have Access to a Camcorder

Don't worry. A lot of guys do not have video camcorders. We expect this. If you cannot borrow a video camcorder, you can use the Flip Digital 30 minute camcorder for $99-129.

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