Why Students Should Make Videos

Why should you upload videos onto CampusMen.com and what you get out of it?

Being a Campus Man is all about gathering girls who become your "Fan", getting their support and building a "following". Just like real celebrities, a normal college guy can build his own Fanbase using CampusMen.com.

But once you create a profile on "Campus Men" - you need to keep your Fans coming back to your page on CampusMen.com.

There are just so many times a girl can read your height, weight or hair color. (The stuff you fill out on your profile.) Girls want to "see" new stuff on your page... like a video. Don't allow your page to get boring.

The way to get girls to come back your page is by uploading at least one new video each month.

They call this keeping your page "fresh."

Videos are easy to make and do not need to be elaborate. Just show girls a simple, short video that is new. We give you a huge list of ideas to start you out, but you can think of your own ideas, too.

Remember, girls Liked the tips you add to our site using the Campus Men's incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool to see more about you. If you disappear, your fans will disappear, too. If your page never changes they will move on to another campus man who does update his page.

TIP: Assure CampusMen.com is the only place where people can see your videos. That way, you encourage people to come to your page and to Like the tips you add to our site using the Campus Men's incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool - to build up a "Fanbase."

So, upload a new simple video often. Keep your Fans happy and propel yourself to popularity!

Here are Ideas for Videos You Can Make

  • Make a Bio video. You can talk or show something. Some guys do not like to talk on camera! We don't care as long as you do not include licensed music and (get written permission from anyone else who appears in the video). You just need to appear in the video. If you want to talk, we give you suggested questions to answer in front of a video camera.
  • Make a short video just before your practice shoot. What do you expect your practice shoot will be like? Make this video the night before your shoot, or just prior to leaving your apartment for your practice shoot.
  • Make a short video the night before your final photo shoot. What do you expect? What is your biggest concern about the upcoming shoot?
  • Videos are easier to make if you partner with a male friend who is also a Campus Man. So, encourage a buddy to also Create a Campus Men profile.
  • Campus Cribs - make a homemade video where you show girls your crib. Just like MTV's cribs ...except it gets included on CampusMen.com and girls get to see where you hang!
  • Make a video on your first day of preparing to be photographed. Are you starting a special diet, or doing an abs routine or anything else?
  • What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you?
  • What is your ultimate career goal?
  • Describe and show a special skill you have that sets you apart from other guys.
  • Tell a funny story about life at Ohio State, parties at OSU, people on campus, etc.
  • What do you wear when going out? Show any article of clothing or accessory (link) that gives an idea of your unique style. Where did you buy it and what brand name is it? Any interesting story (reaction from girls) that happened when you wore it? What is one thing guys should wear to impress girls? (If you only where t-shirts and sandals, make a joke out of this.
  • Grooming Products: What do you do to get ready in the bathroom? Show the product to the camera, say its name clearly & say something about the product - why do you use it? What does it do for you?
  • Show what is in your refrigerator? Anything  interesting in your diet? What does your refrigerator say about your life?
  • Show your DVD collection
  • Show your video games (example: play Guitar Hero)

Option for students who lift weights:

  • Show your supplements. What do you take and when? Don't just show the containers, Mix a shake or drink. What does the supplement do and what does it cost? Show how you prepare it.
  • Demonstrate one exercise. (Only one exercise per video, please.) You do not need to talk. Here is a list of exercises you can choose from.

How to Upload a Video

Make an under 2-minute video in which you appear. You must appear in the video. Do not use licensed music in your video. Get the video file onto your hard drive. The video file must be under 300MB. If you have a video camera available, read how to make your first video. If you do not have a video camera, here how to find a video camera. Select your video from your hard drive and upload your video. Beware: If your video is larger 300MB, our system will reject it. Depending on the size of your video, it can take 20, 30 or 40 minutes to upload a video. To save time, upload your video at night. Start the upload process and walk away from the computer & do something else.

Creating a Campus Men profile provides you an opportunity to build a fanbase on the Internet and get paid for adding tips to our site using our incredibly easy Self-Publishing Tool. Six minutes filling out a form describing super-easy concepts and you get a check in the mail!

If you are not a student, but know of a college student who would benefit from our program, you can Nominate him to Become a Campus Man



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